Other Amenities

Life Skill Education

By giving life skills education, the creativity of the students gets enhanced. It helps them to develop their personality and make themselves capable of facing the challenges of the society.

Value Education Programme

Everyone in the school keeps in mind the rich cultural heritage we have. Students are made aware of the value of this heritage through value education classes. Various resource persons competent of giving classes come to the school and give lectures on relevant subjects. Thus our students inculcate justice, love, truth and peace in their minds and act accordingly.

Remedial Teaching

Students who are weak in studies are given remedial classes. The subjects which need further studies or references apart from the prescribed text books are also made available through remedial teaching. This makes them enable to enhance their depth of knowledge.


Students are trained in different Yogasanas like Sooryanamaskar, Bhujangasana, Pranayama, Vajrasana etc.

Scouting and Guiding

The school has a scouts and guides unit. Students from VI to VIII are eligible to enroll as scout and guide. The teachers who have undergone training programme on scouts and guides train the students.

School Band

There is an excellent band team for the school with all brass band equipments. Students from Classes VI to X express their interest to join the band team and they are trained by a well experienced band master who has been working in the Police Force. Every year the school Band team actively participates in the Independence Day Rally and other important functions.

Educational tours and picnics

Students are taken for field trips. Field Trips have educational importance. Picnics and tours create a feeling of sharing and team spirit for the students. Class XII students go for long tours of 6 to 10 days.


To enhance the leadership qualities among the students, different clubs like eco club, literary club and science club are formed in the School.