Foreword From Principal

Fr. Shaji P

“Schools must move from being educational centres to becoming knowledge and skill centres” said Dr. A P J Kalam. Every child who leaves the corridors of the temple of learning must be equipped with social, academic skills and abilities to make conscious and well defined choices in life. Sheer quality education can provide this. Weidner Senior Secondary School as a premier institute in the princely city of Rajnandgaon is a torch bearer in this regard.
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation has re constructed paradigms in pedagogy and conventional approach to learning and teaching. Education should not be limited within the periphery of class rooms but extend beyond the physical boundaries and worksheets. It should be futuristic. The old education and evaluation system used to create a phobia in the minds of the students. Here in the school, through a variety of methods, we try to eliminate the phobia and restore the lost smiles of the students.

The success mantra of the School is the teachers from east and west, north and south of the country with creative mind and vast experience. The teachers empower them to think differently and independently. The School management is committed to transformation of the Society and formation of the citizens of tomorrow with value oriented and quality education.

May God bless all of us in our endeavour.