Codes & Policies


  1. Special attention is given to maintain a very high status and discipline in the school.
  2. Students must wear the school uniform on the class days, examination days, at school functions including farewell function of the students of Class XII, if and when arranged and while representing the school at functions outside. Those who are not in uniform may be excluded from the class or even sent home. Uniform must be worn neat, clean and complete.
  3. The names of students who do not return promptly after the holidays or who are absent for 14 consecutive calendar days without leave application, will be struck off from the register. Students once terminated may not be readmitted.
  4. Students must not be absent from school without prior permission. Any student who comes to school after a leave of absence must bring a note from the parent/guardian stating the reason for absence on the page provided for the same in the Hand Book.
  5. Students are not allowed to receive visitors during school hours. They will not receive letters, parcels and such other things from outsiders directly, without the permission of the Principal.
  6. No student will be allowed to go home during the working hours except for illness. No parent/guardian/any others shall ask for leave of their ward during the class hours. No outsiders are allowed to come to school during working hours. In cases of unforeseen eventualities the parents must come to take the ward.
  7. Incoming letters of students shall be checked by the Principal.
  8. When coming to class or leaving the class, students must go in an orderly manner. All the staff members shall be responsible for discipline and order in the school at all times. The Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains and Vice Captains and class monitors are to help in the discipline and maintenance of orderliness in the school.
  9. Pupil must not enter or remain in the classroom during interval. Tiffin/Snacks shall not be taken inside the classroom.
  10. No student may leave the school campus during school hours or recess without the explicit permission of the Principal, once entered in the campus.
  11. Students are not permitted to buy anything from vendors and outsiders during school hours.
  12. Students are strictly forbidden to bring objectionable literature, Pen drive, Compact Disc to School. Newspapers, periodicals and books (other than those needed for study) may not be brought to school without the sanction of the Principal.
  13. Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones to the school.
  14. The school will not be responsible for goods or money lost. It is not advisable for children to bring valuable articles to school.  Money should not be lent or borrowed nor should articles be exchanged. Unauthorized collection of money is forbidden.
  15. No meeting, demonstration or party, may be held in the school without the prior approval of the Principal.
  16. Regular non attendance, frequent neglect of homework, habitual idleness, disobedience or disrespect to teacher, stealing, copying in the examinations, obscenity in word or conduct are punishable by expulsion from the School.
  17. Any damage done to school property shall be fined.
  18. English shall be spoken at all times in the school and its premises without fail. Breach of this rule shall be fined.
  19. Always avoid hooting and whistling anywhere.
  20. No leave of absence by the student without prior information/permission of the Principal is allowed. Except on medical grounds, leave of absence for longer duration will not be granted. Leave of absence taken on medical grounds will have to be supplemented by a medical certificate. Leave of absence availed on medical grounds, will be given weightage for attendance by the Principal and Class teacher. All other leaves of absence, even if availed with prior information/permission will not have any weightage for total percentage of attendance. Hence, students should avoid going for long leaves of absence.
  21. Students coming late to school will not be given attendance after three late comings. Such habits will affect the total required percentage of attendance and lead to further serious consequences. Students must, therefore, be present in the school campus before the assembly begins. Regular late comers will be sent back home.
  22. Shortage in the required percentage of attendance can lead to detention from appearing for Annual/Board examination.
  23. The warning bell before class or assembly is a signal for all to go to the assembly or their respective class rooms. This should be done promptly and silently. As soon as students are in their classes they must get ready with their books.
  24. Rule of touch is to be strictly followed and never put your hands on others shoulder while walking or talking.
  25. It is strictly forbidden to throw any object at any one to play with any type of balls during recess.
  26. A games period lost is not necessarily to be compensated.
  27. Any damage of furniture should at once be reported to Class teacher and Principal even if he or she does not know who has done it.
  28. Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instrument or inflammable material to school.
  29. As you enter the school compound get down from the vehicle and slowly push it. Similarly when going out of the premises. Students are not allowed to stand near the cycle stand at any time. You shall never ride around in the school compound.
  30. Students should observe polite manners wherever they go; whenever they phone up etc. Students should remember that they are judged by their conduct. They should always greet the teachers, elders, authorities when they first meet them. Bullying and use of foul languages are punishable offences.
  31. Exploding crackers or splashing colours during Diwali/ Holi or on any other days in the school premises or outside the School in School uniform is strictly forbidden. Non compliance of these instructions can result in expulsion from school.
  32. Through Closed Circuit Television Cameras the students are monitored in the campus.